The cooperation of Business and Universities: the Experience of “Ernst & Young”

By Ielyzaveta Maksymets

Today’s corporate standards dictate that farsighted employers begin to select and develop new employees while the latter are still students. To this end, Ernst & Young works closely with higher education institutions, supporting education programmes in finance, economics, taxation and IT. Ernst & Young gives special grants to universities, presents lectures, holds competitions, offers vocational training and more. Ernst & Young was one of the first companies on the Ukrainian market to hire young specialists even before they graduate. The goal is to give students professional experience and teach them how to apply their classroom knowledge in a professional environment.

Svitlana Strelnyk, a representative of KNEU Institute of Higher Education, met with Ielyzaveta Maksymets, Human Resource Specialist and Head of Educational projects for Students at Ernst & Young. They talked about the strategic guidelines for cooperation between businesses and universities. We are presenting the full text of the interview for your attention.

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