The Organization and Substance of Class Work at Research Universities

By Larysa Antoniuk, Volodymyr Satsyk


This article examines the organizational principles and substance of class work at world class research universities, substantiates its role and place in the provision of global competence to today’s students, which the abilities and skills of the 21st century comply with. Key priorities in academic activities for the efficient mastering of global competence have been determined and the strategies of leading world universities in this sphere have been highlighted. Effective models and methods for the activation of class studies on the basis of research, existing approaches to the evaluation of class work and motivational factors for the productive academic activities of the students in the class have been systemized. World trends of the informatization of higher education have been distinguished and the contribution of open education in the development of the research potential of universities has been shown.

Key words: class work, research university, global competence, abilities and skills of the 21st century, learning and teaching on the basis of research, motivation of the academic activities of a student, open education.

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