Career Path Surveys of University Graduates as the Main Source of Knowledge on Educational Mismatch

Joanna Żyra


This article offers a systematic research of job placement conditions for university graduates in Poland, based on an analytical generalization of the results of pilot surveys of representatives of Cracow University of Technology, which have been systematically conducted by the university since 2006. Using relevant methodological tools, it provides an evaluation of the quality of teaching at the university, the characteristics of the employment of graduates, the time spent searching for employment and the specific features of the development of a professional career. It was established that the data collected and developed monitoring methodology can be used effectively for the research of existing deformations in the university education system as well as the scale and prime cause for the discrepancies between higher education institutes and the labour market.

Key words: conditions for the job placement of graduates, teaching efficiency, employers’ competence expectations, structural deformations in higher education, labour market.

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